TIANSeq RNA Clean Beads

TIANSeq RNA Clean Beads is a product that can be used for RNA purification and recovery. The kit adopts an optimized system to effectively remove salt ions, organic impurities, etc. The kit has the advantages of simple and convenient operation, rapid workflow, good integrity and obtaining high purity of RNA.

Cat. No Packing Size
4992360 5ml
4992362 12ml
4992867 60ml

Products Details


■ Simple and convenient: Simple and fast operation process to quickly obtain high-purity RNA. ■ High efficiency: Highly efficient purification of RNA. The purification and recovery efficiency can reach 90%, and the obtained RNA has good integrity. ■ Compatible: Compatible with manual operation or high throughput operation of automated workstations.


Type: RNA purification Sample: RNA Target: RNA Starting sample input: 1 ng- 1 μg Operation time: 30 min Downstream applications: RNA library preparation

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