EndoFree Mini Plasmid Kit II

The EndoFree Mini Plasmid Kit II adopts a unique silica membrane adsorption technology to efficiently and specifically bind plasmid DNA. The special endotoxin-removing system can effectively remove impurities such as endotoxin and proteins. The whole extraction process takes only 1 hour, which is convenient and quick. The plasmid extraction yield is related to the plasmid copy number, host bacteria type and the culture conditions. Up to 70 μg of plasmid DNA can be extracted from 5-15 ml of the overnight cultured bacteria culture medium.
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4992422 50 preps

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■ Rapid and high yield: 5-70 μg plasmid DNA can be extracted in around 1 hour. ■ High-purity: The special endotoxin removal system combined with Spin Column CP4 can specifically adsorb nucleic acid and remove endotoxin to the minimal level. ■ Wide range of applications: Suitable for routine experiments such as restriction endonuclease digestion, PCR, sequencing, ligation, transformation, as well as the high-precision experiments such as gene therapy, cell microinjection, gene silencing, transcription, etc.

Plasmid Yield

Plasmid Yield

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