TGuide S32 Magnetic Plant DNA Kit

The kit adopts magnetic beads with unique separation function and a unique buffer system to separate and purify high-quality genomic DNA from various plant tissues. The unique embedded magnetic beads have strong affinity for nucleic acid under certain conditions, and when the conditions change, the magnetic beads will release adsorbed nucleic acid, thus achieving the purpose of fast separation and purification of nucleic acid. The product is perfectly matched with TGuide S32 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor, thus realizing the transfer of magnetic beads and nucleic acids. The whole experimental process is safe and convenient. The extracted genomic DNA fragments are large in size, with high purity and stable and reliable quality. The DNA purified by the kit is suitable for various conventional operations, including enzyme digestion, PCR, library construction, Southern blot and other experiments.
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4992989 96 preps

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■ Easy and fast: Ultrapure genomic DNA can be obtained within 1 hour. ■ Wide applicable: It is suitable for various plant tissues, especially polysaccharide/polyphenol-rich plants. ■ Safe and nontoxic: No toxic organic reagents such as phenol/chloroform are needed. ■ High purity: The obtained DNA has high purity and can be directly used in chip detection, high-throughput sequencing and other experiments.

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