TIANSeq DNA Fragmentation Module

TIANSeq DNA Fragmentation Module is designed for the preparation of NGS library, which is used for fragmentation of large fragment DNA before library preparation. The module can randomly cut double-stranded DNA into 200~500 bp fragments according to different reaction time. It shows that the product has no base preference, and the sequencing coverage rate of different types of fragmented DNA is consistent with that of mechanical shearing.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992356 24 rxn
4992357 96 rxn

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■ Cost-efficient: No special instruments and equipment are needed. ■ Flexible: Different DNA fragmentation length can be obtained by simply adjusting fragmentation time. ■ Efficient reaction: Fragmentation of 1 ng~1 μg DNA samples can be completed in a single reaction system.


Type: Fragmentation of double-stranded DNA Sample: Genomic DNA or large fragment DNA Target: Double-stranded DNA Starting sample input: 1 ng- 1 μg Operation time: 34-55 min Downstream applications: Adapter ligation for DNA sequencing library preparation

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