TGuide FFPE DNA One-Step Kit

TGuide FFPE DNA One-Step Kit is specially designed to extract genome DNA from paraffin tissue samples with TGuide automated nucleic acid extractors. This kit adopts a one-step heating method, so that deparaffinization and tissue lysis can be simultaneously carried out, and harmful reagents such as xylene are not contained. This kit has two extraction options: For small amount of samples, choose 2 hours lysis; For large amount of samples, choose 16 hours overnight lysis. The kit adopts cellulose embedded magnetic beads technology to efficiently extract genome DNA.
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OSR-M405 48 preps

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Purified DNA can be directly used in various conventional operations, including enzymatic digestion, PCR, library construction, Southern blot and other experiments.


■ In-machine deparaffinization: The deparaffinization and extraction steps can be completed automatically by simply putting untreated paraffin embedded samples into reagent cartridge and then adding Sula Oil and Proteinase K. ■ Reliable results: The obtained genome DNA is free from RNA and protein contamination, and can be directly used for PCR or fluorescence quantitative PCR. ■ Safe and harmless: Organic solvents that are harmful to human body such as phenol chloroform are not needed.

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