TIANtough Genotyping qPCR PreMix (Probe)

TIANexact Genotyping qPCR PreMix (Probe) is a ready-to-use 2×hot-start PCR premix reagent specially applied to probe-based SNP detection. The premixed reagent contains specific antibody modified Taq DNA polymerase and can effectively detect extremely low abundance DNA templates. Specially prepared unique PCR buffer can effectively eliminate numerous inhibitions to PCR and the influence on fluorescence signal quenching. This kit has good specificity and amplification efficiency for SNP identification, especially for crude samples, which shows high stress resistance.

Cat. No Packing Size
4992874 20 µl×125 rxn
4992875 20 µl×500 rxn

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■ High specificity: Specific antibody modified hot-start Taq DNA polymerase reduces non-specific amplification and improves specificity. ■ Effective genotyping: Unique Buffer system can effectively shield the influence of PCR inhibitors on SNP typing. ■ High accuracy: Strong SNP typing fluorescence signals make the results easier to determine. ■ Wide application: Applicable to plant, animal and other samples, also applicable to the detection of crude extract of some environmental samples. ■ Blue indicator: The premixed reagent contains blue indicator dye to avoid sample loading errors. ■ ROX correction: ROX dye is packaged separately, which is more flexible to use and have more accurate results.


Type: Probe-based antibody modified Taq DNA polymerase Applications: Known SNP typing

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