Magnetic Tissue/Cell/Blood Total RNA Kit

Magnetic Tissue/Cell/Blood Total RNA Kit adopts magnetic beads with unique separation function and a unique buffer system to separate and purify high-quality total RNA. The product can be perfectly matched with Kingfisher Flex96 and TGuide S32/S96 Automated Nucleic Acid Extractors. If high-throughput automated extraction is required, please contact TIANGEN for the integration solution.

Cat. No Packing Size
4992740 50 preps

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■ Easy and fast: Ultrapure total RNA can be obtained within 60 min. ■ High throughput: It can meet the requirements of manual extraction as well as batch extraction on various high-throughput platforms. ■ Safe and non-toxic: No reagent such as phenol/chloroform is needed.


Type: Magnetic beads type extraction. Sample: Tissues, cells and blood. Target: Total RNA Starting volume: 5-20 mg, not exceed 1×107, 0.1-1.5 ml Operation time: 60 min Downstream applications:  RT-PCR/RT-qPCR, NGS library construction, etc.

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