SuperReal PreMix Color (SYBR Green)

The product is a special reagent for real-time PCR using SYBR Green I chimeric fluorescence. The product is a 2× concentration PreMix mixed with the optimum concentration of SYBR Green I required for real-time PCR reaction. The indicator is additionally added to the product, which is beneficial to the loading of a large number of samples and reduces the probability of misoperation. SuperReal Color PreMix adopts a unique two component hot start DNA polymerase (chemically modified HotStart Taq DNA polymerase and antibody modified Anti Taq DNA polymerase), and is characterized by high amplification efficiency, high amplification specificity and wide credible range in combination with carefully optimized buffer system. The upgraded reagent has more prominent advantages in amplification specificity after component adjustment.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992777 20 µl×125 rxn
4992876 20 µl×500 rxn
4992902 20 µl×5000 rxn

Products Details


■ Color indicators are added to the reagents to avoid sample addition errors or omission due to the large number of samples. ■ High fluorescence value, high sensitivity and high specificity. ■ After strict detection, the indicator will not affect the fluorescence value and quantitative results of the dye. ■ Suitable for a variety of common real time PCR instruments (Roche, Bio-rad, ABI, etc.). SuperReal PreMix Color (SYBR Green)


It is suitable for various types of experiments such as expression analysis and nucleic acid detection by SYBR Green method on various real time PCR instruments. It is especially suitable for high throughput experiments with a large number of samples and complicated sample loading operation.

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