High-Quality Genomic DNA Isolation Kit - Wholesale Supplier from China

TIANGEN BIOTECH (BEIJING) CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and factory of genomic DNA isolation kits in China. Our Genomic DNA Isolation Kit is designed to provide fast, reliable, and efficient genomic DNA extraction from a wide range of sample types, including whole blood, tissue, and cultured cells.

Featuring a simple and efficient protocol, our Genomic DNA Isolation Kit yields high-quality DNA that is suitable for use in a variety of downstream applications, including PCR, qPCR, sequencing, and more. This kit utilizes silica-based membrane technology to allow the selective binding of DNA to the column, while contaminants are removed via a series of wash steps.

In addition to its high-quality results, our Genomic DNA Isolation Kit offers outstanding value for money, and is ideal for researchers and laboratories seeking a cost-effective solution for their genomic DNA extraction needs. With our commitment to quality, you can be sure you're getting a reliable product that delivers consistent, repeatable results every time.
  • Introducing our latest Genomic DNA Isolation Kit, designed for the fastest and most efficient isolation of high-quality genomic DNA from different sample types. Our Genomic DNA Isolation Kit is specially formulated with advanced technology to ensure the effective isolation of DNA from different sources, ranging from blood and saliva to plant and animal tissues. Our kit simplifies the genomic DNA extraction process, allowing you to extract pure and high-quality DNA with ease. The kit has been optimized for high yield and purity of genomic DNA, thanks to our special proprietary lytic reagents that effectively break down the samples and release the DNA. We take pride in the fact that our Genomic DNA Isolation Kit is suitable for a wide range of downstream applications, including PCR, genotyping, next-generation sequencing, and more. Our isolation kit can process samples from multiple sources, allowing for flexibility in your specific research needs. Our Genomic DNA Isolation Kit comes with easy-to-follow protocols, which ensures that even a beginner can use it with ease. It contains all necessary components, including reagents, buffers, and spin filter columns, to provide a complete solution for your genomic DNA isolation needs. In conclusion, our Genomic DNA Isolation Kit is the perfect solution to extract high-quality genomic DNA from even the most difficult sample types. Thanks to our advanced technology, it is guaranteed to deliver high yields and purity of DNA, making it the perfect choice for all your genomic DNA isolation needs.
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