TIANamp Blood DNA Kit

TIANamp Blood DNA Kit uses spin column which can specifically bind DNA and provides special buffer system for effective blood gDNA extraction. Genomic DNA isolated with this kit is with high purity, stability and integrity. The purified DNA can directly serve as templates for downstream detection or other applications.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992207 50 preps
4992208 200 preps

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■ High purity: Silica membrane gets rid of most impurities. ■ Wide use: Suitable for anticoagulant blood (EDTA, heparin etc.), buffy coat and blood clots. ■ Fast operation: Genomic DNA could be obtained within 1 hour.


Type: Spin column based Sample and starting volume:  100-1000 μl whole blood from mammalian, 5-20 μl whole blood from bird or amphibian, 200-1000 μl blood clots Target: Genomic DNA. Yield: 3-40 μg Operation time: ~1 hour Downstream applications: Restriction enzyme digestion, PCR analysis, Southern blot, chip hybridization, NGS library construction, etc.

Important Notes

1. To remove RNA residues, RNase A solution (100 mg/ml) needs to be self-prepared. 2. This product has been registered as the class I in vitro diagnostic reagent by Beijing FDA. Please contact TIANGEN if further information is needed.

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