TIANprep Rapid Mini Plasmid Kit

The TIANprep Rapid Mini Plasmid Kit is optimized from traditional alkaline lysis technology, by which high-quality plasmid DNA could be purified within 8 minutes. The new lysis buffer allows the adsorption of DNA onto silica membrane in the presence of high salt. The material which the silica membrane is made of is unique, highly efficient and highly specific. This kit is designed for purification of up to 24 μg plasmid DNA from 1-4 ml overnight cultures of E.coli. The plasmid DNA purified by this kit can be applied in various regular experiments, such as enzyme digestion, PCR, sequencing, ligation, transformation, library screening, in vitro transcription and the transfection of the common sub-culture cells, etc.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992191 50 preps
4992192 200 preps

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■ Fast: Simple procedure with minimal steps to purify high pure plasmid DNA within only 8 min. ■ High efficiency: Could purify more than 85% plasmid DNA from E.coli. ■ The color indicator TIANRed was supplied to control and remind every process during the experiment to ensure the high efficiency of plasmid purification.

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