TIANSeq rRNA Depletion Kit (H/M/R)

TIANSeq rRNA Depletion Kit (H/M/R) is specially designed to remove the ribosomal RNA from human, mouse and rat total RNA, while retaining messenger RNA (mRNA) and other non-coding RNA. The kit has a good rRNA removal effect on both complete and partially degraded total RNA (such as FFPE RNA). The obtained rRNA-removed RNA sample can be used for mRNA and non-coding RNA NGS library preparation.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992363 6 rxn
4992363 24 rxn
4992391 96 rxn

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■ Wide sample range: Suitable for depletion of rRNA in high quality (complete) and partially degraded (e.g. FFPE) samples. ■ Efficient removal of rRNA: 95-99.9% of human/mouse/rat rRNA is effectively removed. ■ Comprehensive data: Incomplete mRNA and non-coding RNA information are retained, making transcriptome data more comprehensive. ■ Rapid evaluation: The primers provided in the kit can quickly evaluate the removal effect of rRNA.


Type: RNA enrichment before RNA library preparation Sample: Total RNA Target: mRNA and non-coding RNA Starting volume: 100 ng-1 μg Operation time: 2 hour Downstream applications: RNA library preparation

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