TIANSeq Fast RNA Library Kit (illumina)

TIANSeq Fast RNA Library Prep kit (Illumina) is the kit used for preparing non-directional transcriptome library for illumina sequencing platform. The kit adopts one-tube operation workflow to carry out fast RNA library preparation. The product after PCR amplification has high fidelity and no base bias. The kit can be used for routine transcriptome analysis.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992375 24 rxn
4992376 96 rxn

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■ Good sequencing uniformity: High fidelity of PCR amplification and no base bias. ■ High library conversion efficiency: The high-efficiency library construction can be ensured for 500 pg mRNA samples. ■ Fast operation: The whole library construction process only needs 5.5 hours.


Type: NGS mRNA sequencing library preparation Sample: Total RNA Target: mRNA Starting sample input: Total RNA samples is 10 ng-1 μg, and that of mRNA sample is as low as 500 pg Operation time: 5.5-6.5 hour Downstream applications: Sequencing on illumina platform

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