TIANSeq Stranded RNA-Seq Kit (illumina)

TIANSeq Stranded RNA-Seq Kit (Illumina) is the kit used for preparing strand-specific transcriptome libraries for illumina sequencing platform. The kit adopts one-tube operation workflow to carry out fast RNA library preparation. The product after PCR amplification has high fidelity and no base bias. The input sample for this kit is rRNA-removed total RNAs (mRNA and other non-coding RNAs) or mRNA directly isolated from the total RNA.

Cat. No Packing Size
4993007 24 rxn
4993008 96 rxn

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■ Good sequencing uniformity: High fidelity of PCR amplification and no base bias. ■ High library conversion efficiency: The high-efficiency library construction can be ensured for 1ng mRNA samples. ■ Fast operation:  The whole library construction process only needs 5.5 hours.


Type: NGS directional RNA library preparation Sample: Total RNA Target: mRNA, lncRNA Starting sample input: Total RNA samples is 10 ng-1 μg, and that of mRNA sample is as low as 1 ng Operation time: 5.5-6.5 hour Downstream applications: Sequencing on illumina platform.

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