TGrinder Set

The TGrinder 3rd Gen. series is a kind of small-sized tissue grinder with rechargeable battery and motor-driven grinding pestle. It can be used for grinding tissue samples in a 1.5 ml sharp-bottom centrifuge tube. TGrinder Set can achieve full homogenization and less sample loss during operation. The TGrinder Set is small in size, light to carry and have low power consumption. One 3.7 V battery can maintain working time of 10 hr or more (only equipped with Y30, Y40).
Cat. No Packing Size
OSE-Y30 (High Speed) 1 Set
OSE-Y40 (Low Speed) 1 Set
OSE-Y50 (Variable Speed) 1 Set

Products Details

Ergonomic design Safe operation and easy controlPrinted plastic grinding pestle Improve grinding effectPortable toolbox All accessories are easy to carrySterile design, convenient to use Equipped with the sterilization Pestle Box for TGrinder pestles. The whole box is sterilized with in-line packageA wide selection of accessories Equipped with plastic and metal TGrinder pestles, which can be applied to various animal and plant materialsOne-press pestle removal, avoiding pollution Supplied with a Pestle-disassemble Box (OSE-Y003). Insert the pestle into the unloading hole, and the pestle will fall off automatically with a slight press. Pollution can be avoided by collecting all the pestles in the box.

Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Operating Parameters

Product Packaging Product Packaging


■ Two options of pestles (plastic and metal) are available for various animal and plant materials. ■ Easy to use, equipped with an in-line package sterilization box for grinding pestle. ■ Convenient to operate and pollution can be avoided by cooperating with the Pestle-disassemble Box to realize one press pestle unloading. ■ Ergonomically designed for safe operation and easy control. ■ Light, flexible, compact and labor-saving.

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