EndoFree Maxi Plasmid Kit V2

The EndoFree Maxi Plasmid Kit V2 adopts a unique silica membrane adsorption technique to efficiently and specifically bind plasmid DNA. The special Buffer ER and the Filtration CS1 can effectively remove impurities such as endotoxin and protein. The entire extraction process takes only 1 hour. Recommended bacteria culture medium amount: For high-copy plasmid, 100 ml bacteria medium is recommended, which can yield up to 500-1500 μg plasmid. For low-copy plasmid, 200 ml of bacteria medium is recommended to achieve the yield of around 50-300 μg.
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4992438 10 preps

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■ High purity: The unique endotoxin precipitation technology is adopted to specifically remove endotoxin. ■ Easy to operate: The adsorption column technology is used to specifically adsorb plasmid DNA, which makes the operation easier. ■ High-efficiency transfection: Suitable for the transfection of most cell lines including endotoxin-sensitive cells. ■ Wide range of applications: The purified plasmid can be applied in the transfection of animal and plant cells as well as molecular biology experiments.


The plasmid DNA extracted using this kit can be used for various regular operations, including restriction enzyme digestion, PCR, sequencing, ligation, transformation and transfection of various cells.

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