TGem Pro Spectrophotometer

TGem Pro is an integrated Ultra-micro UV spectrophotometer with fixed wavelength. The base can detect 0.5-2 µl trace samples, which has a very high accuracy and repeatability. The surface tension is used to keep the sample between two detection fibers in the base detection, so that the instrument can detect the sample with higher concentration without dilution. The liquid column height can be adjusted between the fibers in real time to obtain more accurate detection data. This machine is equipped with a cuvette detection mode, which can be used for the measurement of samples with low concentration, volatile or low surface tension that are not easy to form a liquid column, as well as for the measurement of bacterial solution concentration and enzyme kinetics analysis.
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OSE-260-03 1 Set

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■ Micro sample detection: Only 0.5-2 µl sample is needed on the base, saving precious samples.
■ Automatic detection: Automatic detection function can be realized through the opening and closing of upper arm.
■ Wide detection range: The detection concentration range of the base is 2-27500 ng/µl.
■ Convenient operation: Built in 7-inch high-resolution color capacitor touch screen, friendly operation interface.
■ Ideal choice for nucleic acid detection: This instrument includes all wavelengths required for nucleic acid concentration and purity detection.
■ Multiple detection modes: There are two detection modes of trace and cuvette, which can easily deal with various types of samples.

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