TIANcombi DNA Lyse & Det PCR Kit

The TIANcombi DNA Lyse & Det PCR Kit adopts a unique packaging design that includes all the reagents for rapid genomic DNA preparation and PCR amplification. It is applicable for the one-step genome DNA purification from various samples (plant tissues, seeds, animal tissues, blood, yeast and bacteria) and the subsequent PCR amplification and detection. Protein, RNA and other secondary metabolites removal, organic solvent extraction as well as the ethanol precipitation steps are not needed in the whole purification process, making the operation simple and fast. The product quality is stable and reliable. The 2× Det PCR MasterMix provided by this kit is a highly compatible PCR reagent that can efficiently and specifically amplify DNA without the need for removing impurities such as proteins. This reagent contains Taq DNA polymerase, dNTPs, MgCl2, buffer, as well as the enhancer, optimizer and stabilizer for PCR reaction. Application of the reagent makes PCR reaction fast, simple, sensitive, specific and stable. Therefore, this kit is especially suitable for high-throughput screening.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992527 20 µl×50 rxn
4992528 20 µl×200 rxn

Products Details


■ Simple and fast: DNA from different tissues can be extracted in 5 min without the need for liquid nitrogen grinding. ■ Wide applications: Applicable for plant leaves, seeds, animal tissues, blood samples (fresh blood, anticoagulation, blood clots, dried blood spots, etc.), yeast and bacteria. ■ Strong compatibility: The PCR reagent is suitable for amplification of DNA extracted from various sample sources.


■ Gene detection: Ideal choice for large-scale gene detection.

Important Notes

■ For samples containing high level of phenols, such as cotton leaves, the sample input amount should strictly be less than 0.4 mg, otherwise the PCR reaction will be affected.

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