HRM Analysis Kit (EvaGreen)

HRM Analysis Kit (EvaGreen) combines the advantages of saturated dye EvaGreen and antibody modified polymerase, which is suitable for High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis.  This kit can be used for analysis of known SNPs, screening of unknown SNPs, scanning of unknown mutant genes, methylation PCR analysis, etc.

Cat. No Packing Size
4992776 20 µl×125 rxn
4992873 20 µl×500 rxn

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■ High resolution: Adopt EvaGreen saturated dyes, which has high resolution of melting curve in saturated state and can distinguish the variation of single base. ■ High specificity: Use antibody modified hotstart DNA polymerase to reduce non-specific amplification and improve specificity. ■ High stability: The carefully optimize Buffer system increase the stability of melting curve and improve the reliability of results. ■ ROX correction: ROX dye is packaged separately, which is more flexible to use and have more accurate results.


Type: Antibody modified Taq DNA polymerase, EvaGreen. Applications: Known SNP typing; Unknown SNP screening; Unknown mutant genes scanning; Methylation PCR analysis.

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