Ultra HiFidelity PCR Kit

Ultra HiFidelity PCR Kit is a new high-fidelity PCR amplification premix suitable for PCR-related cloning and detection. The Ultra HiFi DNA Polymerase contained in the kit is a new fast and high-fidelity DNA polymerase developed by directed molecular evolution technology. It enhances the affinity of DNA polymerase to templates, improves the amplification speed and extension ability of the enzyme, and increases the success rate of PCR and product yield.
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4992970 1ml
4992971 5*1ml
4992978 5*5*1ml

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■ Easy to operate: This kit is supplied as 2× premix, and PCR can be performed by simply adding templates and primers. ■ High fidelity: The fidelity is 50 times that of Taq polymerase. ■ High specificity: Excellent hot-start performance to ensure product specificity.. ■ Rapid amplification: The extension speed can reach 10-15 sec/kb. ■ Strong extensibility: Up to 20 kb DNA fragments can be amplified. ■ Wide applicability: The kit contains PCR Enhancer and is suitable for the amplification of high GC and complex templates.


Type: High fidelity DNA Polymerase Amplification speed: 10-15 sec/kb Fragment size: <20kb Applications: High fidelity PCR amplification, gene cloning, high GC template amplification, gene cloning of complex genomes, cDNA high fidelity amplification, SNP detection, site-specific mutation, etc. DNA Extraction Yield from Various Plant Tissues: Note: DNA yield depends on sample types. All the materials above are from tender leaves.

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