TGuide Blood Genomic DNA Kit

TGuide Blood Genomic DNA kit is specially designed for extracting DNA (including genomic DNA, mitochondrial DNA and viral DNA) from whole blood, serum, plasma and leukocytes using TGuide Series Automated Nucleic Acid Extractor. Reagents required for cell lysis and protein degradation, the magnetic beads specifically adsorbing DNA, washing buffer, etc. are pre-packed in reagent cartridges. The purified DNA will be eluted in a low-salt buffer. The length of genomic DNA purified by the kit is 20- 30 kb, which is suitable for PCR or other enzymatic reactions.
Cat. No Packing Size
OSR-M102 48 preps
OSR-M102-T1 48 preps
OSR-M104 48 preps
OSR-M104-T1 48 preps

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The purified genome can be directly used in PCR, RT-PCR, enzyme digestion reaction, Southern hybridization and other experiments.


■ Simple and fast extraction: TGuide accessory products are based on the principle of nucleic acid purification by magnetic beads, and the genomic DNA extraction can be completed in 44 min. ■ Reliable results: The genomic DNA extracted by the kit has no impurities such as RNA and protein, and can be directly used for PCR or fluorescence quantitative PCR. ■ No phenol and chloroform extraction: No organic solvents harmful to human body such as phenol and chloroform are needed. ■ Flexible initial sample size: 200 μl, 400 μl, 1.2 ml of whole blood or 1-3 ml of pre-separated leukocyte can be directly extracted by selecting the corresponding kit.

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