Hi-DNAsecure Plant Kit

The Hi-DNAsecure Plant Kit adopts a highly efficient, nucleic acid-specific spin column and a unique lysis buffer system to extract genomic DNA from a variety of plant tissues. The silica matrix material used in the spin column is a unique new material of TIANGEN, which can efficiently and specifically adsorb DNA and maximally remove impurities. The unique lysis buffer can efficiently lyse plant cells, while protecting the integrality of DNA, so that the concentration of DNA can be ensured. This kit can extract large fragments of genomic DNA with high purity and stable quality.
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4992724 50 preps
4992725 50 preps

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■ Simple and fast: The purified gDNA could be obtained within 1 hour. ■ Wide applications: Suitable for various plant tissues. ■ High purity and efficiency: Ultra-pure DNA can be obtained efficiently, which can be applied directly on molecular biology experiments such as PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, Southern blot etc.


Suitable for a variety of regular operations, including restriction enzyme digestion, PCR library construction, NGS, chip hybridization and Southern blot.

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