TIANSeq Fragment/Repair/Tailing Module

TIANSeq Fragment/Repair/Tailing Module is a premixed enzyme module specifically optimized for Illumina sequencing platform. The module adopts a one-step reaction process, which does not require multi-step purification steps, and can efficiently and rapidly carry out fragmentation, end repair and dA-tailing to trace DNA samples, ensuring a simpler operation and higher library conversion efficiency.

Cat. No Packing Size
4992350 24 rxn
4992351  96 rxn

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■ Simple to use: One-step completion of double-stranded DNA fragmentation, end repair, dA-tailing reaction. ■ High library conversion efficiency: The high-efficiency library construction can be ensured for 1 ng DNA samples. ■ Cost-efficient: No special instruments and equipment are needed.


Type: Fragmentation, end repair and 3’ end dA-tailing of double-stranded DNA Sample: Genomic DNA or large fragment DNA arget: double-stranded DNA Starting sample input: 1 ng- 1 μg Operation time: 34-66 min Downstream applications: Adapter ligation for DNA sequencing library preparation

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