Serum/Plasma Circulating DNA Kit

The Serum/Plasma Circulating DNA Kit is based on silica membrane technology and provides special buffer system. Genomic DNA binds to the silica-membrane in the presence of high salt, while the contaminants pass through the column. After the membrane is thoroughly washed to remove all remaining contaminants, the pure DNA is eluted from the membrane with low salt buffer. The purified DNA can be directly used in downstream molecular biology experiments such as PCR and real time qPCR, etc.
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4992289 50 preps

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■ The kit can extract circulating DNA simply and fast by adopting the silica membrane spin column. ■ Safe and non-toxic because there’s no need for phenol/chloroform extraction. ■ Carrier RNA enhances binding of low abundance DNA to spin column membrane. ■ Complete removal of contaminants and PCR inhibitors for downstream experiments.


■ PCR and real-time qPCR

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