RNALock Reagent

The RNALock Reagent is a liquid-form, non-toxic blood preservation reagent. It immediately stabilizes RNA in fresh blood. Human blood samples containing the reagent can be stored at 2-8℃ for 5 days, or at -20℃ for at least three months. Mammal blood samples containing the reagent can be store at 15-25℃ for 2 days, 2-8℃ for 7 days, or at -20℃ for at least six months. Under these conditions, RNA will not show significant degradation. RNAprep Pure Blood Kit with an optimized protocol can ensure rapid extraction of total RNA from blood stored in the RNALock Reagent.

Cat. No Packing Size
4992731 100 ml

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■ Efficient protection: Protect RNA in fresh blood from degradation. ■ Convenient: The operation takes only 2 steps and is suitable for storage of large amount of blood samples. ■ Perfect compatibility: Compatible with TIANGEN’s proprietary Silicon Matrix Membrane Purification Kits to extract blood RNA or DNA to ensure extraction yield and purity.

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