DNA Bisulfite Conversion Kit

DNA Bisulfite Conversion Kit is specially developed for DNA bisulfite conversion in DNA methylation research. The treatment of DNA samples using this kit can be completed in 2 hours, and the conversion rate of unmethylated cytosine to uracil is over 99%. This kit adopts a unique component of DNA protective agent, which guarantees the quality and recovery of DNA after conversion. In addition, this kit also uses the method of on-column sulphurous acid group removal, which makes the whole operation process easier.

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4992447 50 preps

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■ Simple and fast: The conversion and purification process can be completed in 2 hours, with low requirements for instruments and equipment, which is suitable for research institutions at all levels. ■ High conversion rate: The conversion rate of unmethylated cytosine to uracil in DNA sample is over 99%. ■ High sensitivity: This kit can process DNA samples of as low as 500 pg and up to 2.5 μg.


Type:  Bisulfite Conversion DNA sample: 500 pg-2.5 μg The conversion rate: >99% Operation time: ~2 hour Applications: The DNA samples processed by this kit are suitable for methylation specific PCR/qPCR, sequencing and microarray.

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